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As our citizens and clients enhance their life styles through a variety of recreation, sports and fitness opportunities and pursuits, incidents and accidents do occur. Such incidents can involve public, private, commercial, not-for-profit and volunteer, venues to include their: design, construction, management, operations, supervision, security and maintenance; anyone of which could be a contributing factor to the cause of an incident or accident. Because of the wide range and diversity of recreation, sports and fitness activities, carried out in these settings, their risk exposure runs the gamut from very little risk to very high risk, with incidents and injuries occurring along the entire risk spectrum.

The attorneys at Peknic, Peknic & Schaefer will provide more in depth understanding of the multitude of factors affecting the different conditions and situations that evolve into an accident. Recreation, Sports and Fitness Forensics is the art and science of: analyzing, the planning, management, and operations, maintenance of recreation, sports and fitness programs and facilities, as well as providing professional, and legally qualified, resources. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the development and implementation of a wide range of recreation, sports and fitness safety standards and guidelines.

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